We’re in our renamed Outport of Lesser Paradise, where a Newfoundland fry cook falls in love with the ghost of a country singer. 

Lesser Paradise is an Outport in Tradition & Transition. Still home to Mummers, Jannies, and clouds of odd-looking smoke. Seems like things will stay true to the old world mixed with the new. And then the Ghost of Susie Hopkins hits town & nothing will be the same again.  Good thing that Phonse Skiffington decides to finally embrace change. 

He has to!

Phonse was content with his bad habits, repetitive job and volatile relationship with the muu-muu clad Melody Lo, until that Christmas Day when the beautiful ghost of a very-dead country singer arrives in time for the Mummer's Parade.  

If there had to be a ghost arriving in the Cove, it’s a good thing it’s Susie Hopkins, because Skiffington has been in love with her for a long time – ever since he first heard her music.   

Little did he know that she was heading to meet him - Phonse Skiffington, turns out to be the True North  of her defective compass.

Fending off voices, visions, and ghosts with a bad sense of direction, Phonse decides to leap back into life again – full-out.  If he doesn’t, he’ll lose the love of his life.   

It’s a choice we all have to make – his problem is that he has to figure out how to do this with a ghost. 

This remarkably funny and poetic book brings together wildly different lives and worlds for the strangest of miracles on one timeless and warped Christmas. 

Phonse and Susie shift into a brand-new world & get ready to leap, hand-in-hand, into Springtime.  And into a series that makes us laugh, shake our heads, and join in.

What happens when an entire town decides to party?