Meet our Series' Characters.
In the Outport of "Lesser Paradise" our characters live & sing & dance, and have babies, and drop dead, and create a series to remember.


There's the short-tempered Melody Lo & her dad, and eccentric Confucian-thinker Skipper Lo. And there's the joys and sorrows and Nashville humor of Susie Hopkins who only finds Phonse Skiffington, the love of her life, after she's gone and died.  Not a happy ghost!
O...she and Phonse try their best to touch, but can't and they pray for a miracle while 'characters' Obadiah & Amador wander in and out of failing stores, and Crystal Hoddinott looks to the sky and wonders if she sees Phonse's dead father (on his ship of ice) skid along volcanic sky-paths of the clouds. 
Phonse's living mother Ariel, is weather-vaned to the clouds, and tending her very-special crops.  She raises the spyglass so her magical world may start up again. This time with lots to smoke. 
And they all dance and weep, and combine forces with mummers and, oh yes, this is wonder-filled town. 
Newfoundland is magical...and that's the aim we have for our Movie.
We're tapping the world of ghosts and spirits; the world that Newfoundland folklore and all the old-ones know.  
There is a magical world in the true mystery of everyday outport life. Always.
And that's what our series is about.
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