The Book:

"A magical tale of love, told with the vivid poetry of a wise, curious and passionate storyteller." ....Atom Egoyan

 "The arrival of a new Bill Gough novel is like being told you're heading off on a wonderful surprise vacation: no idea where you're going, the only guarantee that you're going to regret when it's over.  Chips & Gravey is Newfoundland, it's Nashville; it's real and it's surreal.  A gift from one of our best writers, a true poet with a welcome sense of old-fashioned story-telling." ...Roy MacGregor

"Like the books of Malamud and O. Henry, Chips & Gravey shimmers with a magic that sets it apart.  William Gough is a novelist who writes with the poignancy of a poet."...Michael Harris

“It’s a funny and wonderful book.” ...E. Annie Proulx. 

"Love story, ghost story, country-music story, and outport story, Chips & Gravey is a wonderful whopper."...Harry Bruce


The Words

"Chips & Gravey" is Book 2 of "The Terra Nova Quartet." It's a quantum Quartet, where the books may be read alone, or in any order.

Here's what Michael Kanaly has to say about it...."William Gough brings it...straight from the heart. 

Gough is a first-rate wordsmith.  His stories flow with wit and intelligence.  His unique blend of esoteric poetry and hard-line narrative shines a bright light on the human condition. 

In short, Gough is a true literary artist.  No collection of books, private or public, is complete without his extraordinary Quartet."

Michael Kanaly – author of “Thoughts of God,” “ Virus Clans” “The Voice Within” and “Room One”

And now...

                          ... The Series

Got anything for the Mummers????
                         Got Anything for the Jannies?
A series that sings its own song. The song of Phonse Skiffington, Susie Hopkins, Amador & Obediah, of Skipper Lo & his wondrous daughter Melody.
Haul up a chair, grab a set of spoons, clack-clack along with words & to the Outport of "Lesser Paradise" &  of a streel of Mummers, dancing thru all-circling winter & past Summer Icebergs & bringing with it,  joys, delights, wisdom and shit-your-drawers laughter. We have mummers, ghosts, music, and characters...  well, have a peek & see a few... Chances are you'll meet yourself leaping into a Jig from a door or window.

Join The Virtual Shoot

We'll be using Newfoundland crews, actors, locations, and dreams to help us hold the magic of an Island that glows at night, planes that fly from one world to another, and a group of characters so close to our hearts, that we can hear the fiddles in our heart-beats. As well, we'll be net-casting the producing of the series while we make it. That way, all readers of the book can see the series being made.

Be Part Of It

As we approach production we'll tell you how this can happen.

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